Captain’s Grog

British sailors were given a daily ration of lime juice in order to fight off scurvy, they were also allotted a water ration and a half-pint of rum.  By mixing all these liquids together, the grog was born, making for a delicious, and pragmatic, cocktail.

Spicy Captain Morgan Black Rum

Simple Syrup

Amers Angostura

Freshly Squeezed Lime


Created by Pat O’Brien, the Hurricane first appeared with prohibition’s repeal, in New-Orleans; ex-rum runners having immense inventories of rum to liquidate.  This iconic drink from the Big Easy will satisfy any thirst by its rich exotic notes.

Passion fruit puree

Lime juice

Simple syrup


White and brown Captain Morgan Rum

Orange juice

Rum Runner

Back in the seventies, on an Islamorada resort in the Florida Keys, guests were left to mix their own drinks.  We owe this sweet and sour delight to the inventiveness of Tiki John Ebert.

Spicy Captain Morgan Rum


Banana Cream

Lime juice


Golden Square Mile Cocktail

Invented in the 1930’s by Walter Bergeron, at the bar of the hotel Monteleone, in New-Orleans, the Vieux Carré Cocktail balances strength with elegance.  Here is our take on this classic, named after our beautiful neighbourhood.

Canadian Club Whiskey

Brandy Cheminaud

Sweet Vermouth


Amers Angostura


A simple yet elegant cocktail, served since the middle of the nineteenth century, the Gimlet lets the gin shine, while supporting it wit a hint of acidity.

Tanqueray Gin

Lime juice

Have Anis Day

This creation pits the fresh notes of Anis, against the sweetness of orange essential oils, a hint of orgeat brings balance to this refreshing beverage.  A new way of drinking Pastis is born!

Pastis Ricard


Orgeat Syrup

Lemon juice

Night on the Newtown

A herbaceous libation supported by rich vanilla highlights.  Surprising, savoury; simply succulent.

Gin Tanqueray

Vanilla Galliano liquor

Green Herbs Chartreuse Liquor

Simple Syrup

Lemon Juice

Southern Crescent

Our take on the Southside; a cocktail born in New York’s famous 21 Club, during prohibition.

Gin Tanqueray

Southern Comfort whisky liquor

Fresh Mint

Simple Syrup

Lemon Juice

Apple of my Eye

This cocktail pays hommage to our terroir’s rich heritage.  Let the apple and maple flavors combine and unveil their most precious pleasures.

Flavoured Zubrowka Vodka

Appfelkorn liquor

Maple Syrup

Lemon juice

Apple Juice


Gaelic Black Russian

We humbly believe that the Big Lebowsky would have enjoyed this drink quite a lot.  A Black Russian who whispers sweet nothings in your ear with an Irish accent.

Smirnoff Vodka

Kahlua Liquor